About CrossFit and CrossFit Gratia

CrossFit is for everyone. We’ll individualize it for you. There’s no need to ‘get in shape’ to get started. Getting started will get you in shape. Come on in!!


What we are:

We’re a CrossFit gym! Just a CrossFit gym. That means we’re all things CrossFit but without a bias on anything. Our coaching staff has gone to days and days of seminars and certs but not to specialize in endurance or gymnastics or strength or kettlebells or,or,or.  We’ve put those seminars and certs into practice for over 4 years now. We learn all of that stuff to apply it to CrossFit’s (and life’s) mandate of general physical preparedness.

We’ve got years of CrossFit coaching experience but none of our coaching staff are ‘hired guns’. All of us were CFG members before we were CFG coaches. We ‘grew up’ in this great family of CFG athletes and we love the community.

We do enter CrossFit competitions.  All of the coaches and some of the members have competed and will again. Competition is great and a big part of what CrossFit is all about (competition with yourself or others. Whatever floats your boat) but we don’t do any ‘specialized’ training for competitions. WE DO CROSSFIT!

Another thing that sets us apart is our Foundations program. Most gyms have some kind of 2 – 6 intro class, On Ramp, Elements or Foundations. Ours is 12 classes with a class size limit of 4 (and it’s usually one on one!). One thing that you may have heard is that CrossFit can hurt you. Well, it can. If you just watch some videos and try the more advanced moves of CrossFit in your garage I can almost guarantee you will get hurt. Our Foundations program introduces you to the movements and intensity of CrossFit at a pace you can handle. If you’ve never worked out or you’ve spent 20 years in a traditional gym, we will give you what you need in Foundations!

A statement that makes me crazy is, “I need to get in shape before I try that!” First of all, you can’t get in shape for CrossFit without doing CrossFit. No amount of elliptical work, bicep curls or P-90X is going to prepare you. Secondly, there is no need to “get in shape” before you come in. The point of CrossFit is to get you in shape! CrossFit is infinitely scale-able and we will scale it to fit your capacity at the start of every Foundations class and even every WOD (Work Out of the Day) when you graduate Foundations.

We’re always building functional fitness so we can express it in the things we like to do. The warm weather is here. We’ll switch our activities from snowboarding.skiing/snowshoeing to stand up paddleboarding and whitewater rafting to , not so much snow shoeing as hiking, but we’ll still get out there and live it up! We’ll have all of those activities planned in the near future with the CrossFit Gratia community!

If you are as good as you want to be at your chosen sport then keep on with the 3 sets of 10. On the other hand, if what you’re currently doing (and have probably been doing for years) isn’t giving you the results you’d like, then it’s time to try something different! CrossFit is that something. Look around this site and CrossFit.com but don’t let it scare you.

We start you off in our Foundations program which consists of 12, one hour classes. Each class will have a maximum of 4 students to one Coach and will cover the basic concepts and movements of CrossFit while slowly getting you accustomed to the  intensity of the full WOD (Work Out of the Day) program. The normal price is $200 but we’re running it for $150 for now.

Check out our ‘Getting Started‘ page and read the CrossFit Journal articles linked on the right to learn more about CrossFit and CrossFit Gratia.

If you want to see what we’re all about before signing up come in for a free intro. Call (or even better text) Aaron at  720-280-6313 or email aaron@crossfitgratia.com


What we’re NOT:

We don’t have a soccer field, TRX classes, HIIT classes or even CrossFit Competitor classes. We’re not endurance specialists, powerlifting specialists, olympic lifting specialists. We’re general physical preparedness specialists, if that oxymoron is even a thing. We don’t have hot and cold tubs, we don’t even have showers.


About CrossFit

CrossFit is a program designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day you bend down and pick things up, you put things over your head, you sit down, you stand up, and you run after your kids or jump over a puddle.

CrossFit Gratia prepares you for all that and more by teaching you how to do the movements correctly and safely and then performing those movements in our workouts. We borrow exercises from weightlifting, track and field and gymnastics and we mix it up and scale it to your abilities. You’re always getting stronger, faster, better conditioned. CrossFit is always new, never boring. And the key to the whole program is that you work really smart, really hard… so you get real fit, really fast.

For those of you that like/need tech talk…We will increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We’ll do this by employing constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Our methods and results are observable, measurable and repeatable giving us a scientifically proven fitness regimen that can be scaled and applied to all.

Coach Glassman, the creator / father of CrossFit says it best in the CrossFit Journal article “Foundations” which is to the right under the CF Journal / HQ area.

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